King Lear. Prologue

Nov 02, 2016

Project "Ukraine Mystical"

 third perfomance of "Sheakespearian cycle"

DakhaBrakha - ethno-chaos group participating
Prodused by Vladyslav Troitskyi
Is it a power of madness or tragic fate with its implacability what, it might be, Lear felt when dividing and tearing up his kingdom and his soul, bean not able to renounce his promise, led him leaving an inescapable seal of loneliness upon this formanted heart?
Isn't there some resemblance of Shakespearian kingdom's destiny and todays realities in state of Ukraine?
Being born from silence of infinity, the play lives by some rarely deep and energy-wise strong spirituel matters and in confluence with then an actor dies while his mask in some supernatural way becomes alive in a completely new creature.In these atmosphere of eternity there is no place for vanity or even for usual course of time. Impulses from above are heard in hopeless despair of Lear and in bitter dance of his fool in internecine battle for power and in primeval wisdon and stillness of Earth. Reminding by some its features some elements of Japanese mask theatre and, at the same time, temple art of East, the staging is unique theatrical experiment in realms of terra incognita