Teaser #2 DakhaBrakha: On The Road

Teaser #2 DakhaBrakha: On The Road

We are very pleased to present to you the second teaser for our documentary film, DakhaBrakha: On the Road!

The second teaser is a journey of musical discovery. We started traveling with the band back in 2018 and have witnessed some of the most important moments in the musicians’ process: songwriting and arrangement, rehearsals, soundchecks, and concerts; in Ukraine, France, Brazil, North America, and again in Ukraine.

The movie is a portrait not only of the band members, but also of a country forming a modern identity rooted in its turbulent history and esoteric traditions. We take this musical journey of tens of thousands of miles along with four musicians: Markо Halanevych, Iryna Kovalenko, Olena Tsybulska and Nina Garenetska, whose work is imbued with Ukraine’s mystical and revolutionary heritage.

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SKYDIVEFILM production
Director - Anna Korzh
Producer - Oksana Kapinos, Nataliya Korzh
DoP - Denis Melnik
Camera Operator - Serhiy Stetsenko
Sound - Andriy Nidzelsky
Music - DakhaBrakha

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