"Voice of Water"

Mar 31, 2019

It was a great honour for us to participate in "Voice of Water" performance yesterday, which took place in the heart of Kyiv. Incredibly beautiful scene, light and sound, as well as large number of people who came to look at this special event — all these things created a great holiday atmosphere. Moreover, it was a World Water Day and Morshynska managed to celebrate this day worthily.

The preparations began few months ago — the film crew made a documentary movie about water in the Carpathians and special engineers created unique musical instruments that could "sound" only contacting the water. Using these sounds all of the musicians created a “Voice of Water" music track, which united ONUKA, Katya Chilly, The Maneken and dakhabrakha.

We want to thank everybody for this opportunity for us to join such a wonderful project once again! In addition to the aesthetic component, this is also a charity activity and the great share of mineral water Morshynska sales, the "Voice of Water" sends to the WWF programs for ecosystems restoration of the Carpathian mountains. This is one more chance to remind everyone that we are living on a beautiful planet that we should protect everyday.

Photo by Vitaliy Yurasov