Dreams of the lost roads

Nov 02, 2016

"Dreams of the lost roads"
Synthetic show, concert-performance, vj, laser animation
Vladyslav Troitskyi
Centre of Contemporary Art DAKH
DakhaBrakha band
Tenpoint Vjs
‘A fine minimalism which Igor Stravinsky was dreaming about in ‘Svadebka’ (‘The Wedding’) and ‘Tsar Edip’ (‘Oedipus Rex’) has been dubbed in Ukrainian folklore mixed with world-music, and the senses, form of representation, accents, climaxes and breakdowns have been measured to such an extent that it’s impossible to tear away your eyes and ears from this mystery. There is too little of this: on two screens on the sides of the stage, and sometimes on the actors and musicians themselves video-art was broadcast – restrained, accurate, pouring water on the same synthetic theatre mill. By the end, when everybody ‘had already been dead’, and the actors in Gogol’s death masks performed desperately lonely folklore funeral with crosses in parti-coloured flowers, the video was accompanied by a laser show (…)
Technologism plus medieval theatre plus live and quality music plus plain symbolism of the performance – is a rare quartet in our area.  (…) in this performance theatre and ‘ethno-chaos’ ensemble have reached that brilliant quality when world-music becomes more that ‘music’, and relative theatre is more than a theatre. When, finally, Wagner with his dreams of ‘synthetic works of art’ can sleep soundly.’
О. Komok: Synthetic Gogol/
Newspaper ‘Commersant-SPB’ # 113